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The Story behind the heat lamp

The story behind the heat lamp is fascinating so I must share it with you. Early in 1970, physicist Mr. W.B. Gow was appointed the Director of a century-old ceramic factory in a rural area of central China. The factory offered extremely poor working conditions, and the building was in need of major repairs. The workers at the factory stood in the mud throughout much of their work day. He quickly recognized these adverse working conditions and became deeply concerned that the workers would be troubled with arthritis and other related ailments due to standing on the sodden floor for long periods of time.

However, his investigation disclosed that the side effects of standing on the damp ground were the opposite of his original concern. It was found that there was not a single case of arthritis among the workers employed at the ceramic factory. After interviewing elderly factory employers, the same findings were indicated: no residual effects of any kind were found among the people who had been employed at the factory. It was also learned that there had been no known cases of cancer among the factory's past or present employees. His findings also noted that the ceramic factory workers sustained a relatively longer life span than that experienced by the average population living in the area. Intrigued with this discovery, experiments were conducted to probe further into the reasoning for this strange phenomenon.

Using a spectrometer, scientists made a complete walk-through of the factory building. At the kiln area their meters picked up a strong, unique spectrum with a wavelength range of 2 to 25 micrometer. which is a narrow band of infrared spectrum. Closer inspection traced the spectrum to a black deposit fused to the oven's conveyor belt. After some study, it was learned that the kiln produced temperatures in excess of 400° Centigrade, and had fired the black clay deposit that was emitting the unusual spectrum.

The heat lamp essentially recreated the conditions found in the factory and in 1985 went on sale in china. The lamp incorporates a mineral plate that is heated to ionize the trace minerals and It is still used today to treat a wide range of conditions.

Below are a selection if tdp lamps you can buy from amazon. The smaller one if good for osteoarthritis of the hands (in my opinion) as you can simply put it on a table and rest your hands. The larger lamp is good for other parts of the body such as backs, knees etc. Please always read the instructions before use as there are a few contraindications for use such as pregnancy, fever and open wounds. There is also a book you can buy which goes into more detail about the lamps and uses.

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