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Acupuncture and Shoulder Pain

In this article I will show how acupuncture and soft tissue release (massage) can treat a range of shoulder related problems. Acupuncture is excellent in the management of shoulder pain and can provide well needed pain relief in shoulder and neck pain.The shoulder is susceptible to injuries because it has a full range of movement which leaves it venerable to injuries and  it is easily over stressed or injured through acute or repetitive over activity. Vast mobility is at the expense of stability. The shoulder is a dynamic joint with over 20 muscles stabilising and assisting in movement so the possibility of pain from one of these muscles is highly likely.

The muscles in the shoulder are commonly referred to as rotator cuff muscles and patients will often come to the clinic presenting with a rotator cuff tear or tendinopathy.

Shoulder pain can develop for a number of reasons. Postural positions will destabilize the shoulder, repetitive actions can cause irration and inflammation and aging can be a contributing factor. Other shoulder problems resulting from accidents and injures will generally respond well to acupuncture treatment. Here is a nice little video outling some common injuries.

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