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Typical Session

A typical session will usually consist of 5 main parts

An initial consultation

This will take into account your medical history, health, lifestyle and anything else you consider relevant. This will enable me to find out what is wrong, how it is affecting you, why the problem may be happening, and what your expectations are for recovery.

Physical Examination

A postural and physical examination will determine your body's imbalances. This might include muscle testing to determine muscular imbalances. This essentially looks at the way you move, as well as testing certain structures (joints, muscles, ligaments, nerves).


Our findings, what we consider to be the problem, reasons why, and how problems can be resolved.


This is when the massage is done using a variety of techniques that are specific to your problem or desired outcome. The treatment plan will be discussed with you beforehand and take into account the information gathered. through a combination of manual (hands-on) therapy and exercise rehabilitation, based on pathology, history, severity and irritability of symptoms.

Advice and Aftercare

For example, advice may include correcting postural positions whilst working at a computer which could be a major contributor to the pain/condition. It could also include specific stretches for a muscle group that are short and need to be lengthened thus rebalancing your body. Other exercises may be aimed at strengthening or conditioning certain parts of the body that may be weak. All of these measures are to enhance recovery and rehab, and minimise chances of reoccurrence.

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